A Natural Getaway on the Bella Coola River, British Columbia, Canada
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Fox Den

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Fox-Den Suite

New in 2010 the 450 sq. ft. Fox-Den Suite is secreted underneath the Eagle Cottage.
This king suite is contemporary in style and unique in that it compresses all your amenities into one beautifully appointed space.
A private entrance leads to the kitchen, dining and sitting area and a repurposed etched glass panel separates the sleep zone. A large bathroom in the rear of the unit includes a spacious shower and makeup station.
The suite features a king bed, sofa bed, full kitchen, television, outdoor covered patio, barbeque grill and access to a group picnic table and fire pit.
Sleeps 4 comfortably in shared beds.

Rates: $160 per night, $960 weekly single/double sharing, $20 pp additional
$137 per 5+ nights